Other Animals

Although the focus of “The Cat Basket” is cats, I do enjoy photographing all animals! I lack the skill, knowledge and patience for proper wildlife photography though, so most of my photography is of pets or zoo animals.


I have photographed deer in Richmond Park, Bushy Park and Windsor Great park.


My pet preference is definitely for cats – they’re not as  needy/demanding as dogs (although Theo, my Abyssinian, does try to disprove this from time to time). I still do like dogs though – at least the larger breeds (I’m not so fussed about small yappy-type dogs, as Mr Izzard would describe them). Here are some photos of other people’s dogs which I’ve taken:

Wild Birds

There are a few local lakes with swans, ducks etc. We’re fortunate to have a local pair of red kites which can be seen in the sky daily. And while walking out and about with my camera I sometimes manage to capture a decent photo of other species of bird. So here’s a handful of photos of non-captive birds.


I’ve visited the UK Wolf Conservation Trust at least once a year for the past few years, sometimes attending wolf walks, so I’ve taken a fair few photos of their wolves.

Captive/Tamed Birds

Birds that are captive or tamed – including raptors and owls that are flown by handlers.

Other Species

Some photos of creatures at zoos which aren’t wolves, felines or birds.