Cat Photography

You can see many examples of my cat photography on the various pages under the “Cats” menu on this site.

I don’t just photograph cats, but with this website being called “The Cat Basket” and me being a cat owner it seemed an appropriate focus! Also, with being a cat owner myself and also helping out with feeding a neighbour’s many cats while they’re on holiday, cats are also a readily accessible subject for photography.

If I had to give one tip for photographing cats it would be to mainly photograph from their level. That’s easier if they’ve climbed up on  to a higher surface, but usually it means kneeling or lying on the floor/ground! In terms of interacting with cats and helping them be at their ease – avoid too much direct eye contact (it’s a threat signal), but if you do make eye contact then give them a slow blink and then look away (with any luck you’ll get a slow blink back).