Matt Hoskins

Wild Cats

These photos are all of captive wild cats rather than truly wild ones. They’re magnificent and beautiful creatures to see, but it’s always bitter sweet to see them in enclosures. Workshop In 2015 I attended a photographic workshop at the Cat Survival Trust near Welwyn which was run by “Photographers on Safari”. The workshop provided […]

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Other Domestic Cats

I really enjoy interacting with cats and also photographing them too, and it’s nice to meet ones other than my own from time to time! I’ve got a page dedicated to the Kranz family cats – as they’re neighbours, as well as friends, I know their cats fairly well. Over the years I’ve also met and photographed

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Kranz Family Cats

My good friends, the Kranz family, have always had many feline members (usually around 5 at any one time!) and, when they lived locally to me, I was often on feeding duty while the humans are on holiday. My version of feeding duty usually involved playing with the cats as well and sneaking a few

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Simba (aka “Simbachu” or just “Chu”) was a lovely Abyssinian cat who I shared 13 years with. He was a pedigree “usual” Abyssinian from Libella Abyssinians. I’d known for many years that I would love to own an Aby one day, ever since my first encounter with the breed. That first encounter took place when

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Misty (aka “Moomoo” or “Mistymoo) was a very sweet female cat who I shared a wonderful 13 years with, having got her as a kitten. According to the person I got her from she was probably a Somali/British Shorthair crossbreed, which kind of fits with her coat markings and build. I got her as a

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Theo is a chocolate pedigree Abyssian cat who has lived with me since 2012 – I got him when he was 3 months old. He came from Legend Abyssinians – the very knowledgeable Maria specialised in Abyssinians with a chocolate coat, a coat colour I wasn’t familiar with until happening across Legend Abyssinians. After the

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Loki, a Bengal Cat


Loki is a brown-spotted pedigree Bengal cat who has lived with me since 2012 – I got him when he was 3 months old. He came from Zawadi Bengals – a breeder I can thoroughly recommend as Connie takes great care of her cats and, as well as being very knowledgeable about the breed herself, she’s keen

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