My name is Matt and cat-basket.org is a domain I’ve had for almost 20 years. I figured I ought to have some sort of website for the domain, and as I’m a cat owner with a hobby of photography then the current incarnation of the website mostly features photographs I’ve taken of cats!

Cats have been a direct part of my life for 15 years, and counting – prior to then I had to make do with fussing over friends’ cats! I wouldn’t say I’m cat mad though (although having this website might undermine my argument) – I just like having a couple around. I also like large dogs, but I’m not sure they’d mix well with the cats and they’re a bit too needy and smelly to live with for my tastes (although my Abyssinian, Theo, can be almost as needy as a dog at times!).

My profession is primarily in software development (originally applications using Lotus Notes as a platform, and for the past 15 years web-based applications) but as I work for a small company I have a variety of other background roles (including the care and feeding of some network/server infrastructure, customer support, and plenty more). Since being introduced to the BBC Model B at primary school, and through one owned by a school friend’s family, I had an interest in computers during my childhood which culminated in me running a dial-up bulletin board system (BBS) in my mid teens. I did a BSc in Information Systems (with an “artificial intelligence” specialism) at the University of Leeds before starting on a career of software development. Since then spending all day working with software and computers in the office has somewhat curbed having much interest in either as a hobby at home though!

I currently live in Berkshire with my other half and two cats.